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FAQs September 9, 2018

How much are your Planyo website subscriptions?

They all start at $199CAD monthly.

Your $199 subscription includes up to 10 “bookable resources” as standard, with an unlimited number of reservations included.

Currency conversions: USD, GBP, CHF, AUD, Other

When does my subscription fee increase?

Your subscription fee only increases as the quantity of your “bookable resources” increases.
Whether you offer hotel rooms to rent, tennis courts to reserve or bicycles to hire, the more of each bookable “resource” you enter into the system, the more we’ll need to charge you. Sorry about that!

1-10 resources. Included
11-20 resources. +$45pm
21-30 resources. +$90pm
31-40 resources. +$135pm
41-50 resources. +$180pm
51+ resources. Lets talk.

We don’t do surprises, you’ll receive no unexpected fees.

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